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How to Earn Money From Your Xtgem Wapsite

Created at 8months ago
adsenseearn moneyxtgem

Introduction :

The primary aim of wapsite creation was to earn an enormous amount of money from it, But it is not an easy job. It consists a huge quantity of traffic and genuine clicks on the ads. Most of the wapmasters were trying to get click on their ads by placing their ads near at the downloading links etc. It will make the wapmasters ads disabled forever by the Advertising Network. Through this article, you are going to learn 'How to make money from your Xtgem wapsite'.

How to Setup Ads on My Xtgem Wapsite:

You can easily set up ads on your Xtgem wapsite. You can add some of the major Advertising company's ads directly through the development option of Xtgem. Google

*. Adsense- BuzzCity- InMobi- Adiquity- This is the Major Ad network's Using 10000 Of Wapmasters.

The above are the major advertising company's where most the wap master's where choosing to earn money from their wapsite. So I recommend you to select the following Advertising Network for making money from your wapsite.

Google Adsense:

In the case of Google Adsense, it is very hard to get approved. Google Adsense have some strict policies and regulations so they will not accept any site that is against their policies. If you created a blog on Xtgem that contain good and quality, contents that are not against the-the TOS of Adsense. Then your Xtgem blog surely gets Adsense approved.

BuzzCity-InMobi-Adiquity :

BuzzCity - InMobi - Adiquity are so different from the Adsense ads, Their CPC is much lower than the Google Adsense. They will not pay high ECPM Rate. But most of the wapmasters where choosing the BuzzCity - InMobi - Adiquity for earning money, Because none of them have strict policies they just need the high amount of traffic.

Steps to Add Advertising Network Ads on Your Xtgem Wapsite:

It is very easy to add Advertising Network Ads on your Xtgem wapsite by following the steps, Only if you know the basic steps of creating wapsite on Xtgem wapsite builder.

First of all, you need to Sign-Up with any of the Ad-Network given above at the header of this topic, On this tutorial am taking Adiquity. If you don't have an A/c with Adiquity, then create one by click here.

1.Log in to your Xtgem A/c.
2.Enter to the site that you want to add the Ads.
3.Click on the page you wish to add Ads from the File-Manager.
4.Click on the " " Button for adding new elements.
5.On the "Advanced" Section click on the "Ads" Tab.
6.On the new Tab, you can see the Major Ad-Network.
7.Click on the "Adiquity" or any other you like.
8.Enter your Adiquity A/c name on the "Text-area" and click on the "Add" Button.

* Wasee

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