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See Reasons Why Visitors Will Never Come back to Your Website After Their First Visit

Created at 2018-05-28 12:30:01

Nowadays new wap builders prefer to use an already made design or template. For example, On xtgem most of the newbies like their website to look like weezywap and even create their folders like that of weezy, anyway the truth is that it will get your visitors bored because they know that have seen that design somewhere else.
They forgot that Weezy did not create his site in one month, so you have to patienly mod your site
Another mistake that wapmaster makes while copying another web design is that they have many empty links on their sites and they might likely not have time to build the pages
Why not try something different, even if you are using the same css you can still change the look and pattern of your own, on-like me i used weezywap's facebook css but my site is way different from that of Kenechukwu,
I hope you start something new today and Keep your site updated daily

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